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Students can master key concepts and earn a better grade with the thought-provoking exercises found in this study guide. A wide range of questions and activities helps students test their understanding of biology.




Richard Libaert



This is a special edition of an established title widely used by colleges and

universities throughout the world. Pearson published this exclusive edition

for the benet of students outside the United States and Canada. If you

purchased this book within the United States or Canada, you should be aware

that it has been imported without the approval of the Publisher or Author.

With its outstanding text–art integration, flexible organization, and comprehensive coverage of the five major

themes of biology—structure and function, information, energy and matter, interactions, and evolution

connection—Campbell Biology: Concepts & Connections is an indispensable introductory text for students.

To organize what is a vast expanse of information, these five core themes of biology are introduced

in Chapter 1 and revisited in every subsequent chapter, providing students with a structured framework.

Starting with the correlation of structure and function (exemplified by how red pandas wrap their bushy

tails around themselves for warmth), proceeding through information, energy and matter, and interactions,

and ending with a discussion on evolution connection (depicted by how red pandas evolved coats to help

them stay camouflaged), this book covers concepts that extend across all areas of biology.

Structured to let instructors rearrange, skip, and assign chapters based on their requirements, this book

can be customized to a variety of courses.

Key Features

• Setting the tone of each chapter, Chapter Openers and Big Ideas provide an overview of the content

to be discussed.

• Connection icons within each chapter connect theory to practice, helping students apply concepts to the

world outside the classroom.

• Each module starts with a carefully crafted statement that explains, in a nutshell, the central concept of the


• Visualizing the Concept modules strategically blend text and art, enabling students to absorb tough

concepts without feeling overwhelmed.

• Checkpoint questions at the end of each module help students assess their understanding, and Try This

activities encourage them to actively engage with figures.

• Data from all over the world has been added to make the text more globally relevant, including data on

obesity, sickle-cell disease, and diabetes.

Available separately for purchase is Mastering Biology for Campbell Biology: Concepts & Connections, the

teaching and learning platform that empowers instructors to personalize learning for every student. Figure

Walkthrough videos and Visualizing the Concept videos bring to life the features of the text, and the

assignable Visualizing the Concept videos also help instructors assess each student’s level of understanding.

When combined with Pearson’s trusted educational content, this optional suite helps deliver the desired

learning outcomes.